Machine Learning Researcher

   (Yaounde, Cameroon)

posted : 5 December, 2017
category : Software Engineering   location : Yaounde, Cameroon
job type : Full Time


   Machine Learning Researcher


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     ROLE : Technical Architect 
     1. Review and integrate all application requirements, including functional, security, integration, performance, quality and operations requirements. 
     2. Review and integrate the Technical Architecture requirements. Provide input into final decisions regarding hardware, network products, system software and security.


     MUST HAVE:ML tools like R, Apache Spark, Google Tensorflow, Theano,Open-logos,Moses,Phrasal, > Python, NLTK, GATE,SRILM,Tagger, CoreNLP, Data mining
     GOOD TO HAVE: Hands-on expererience in deep neural network,CNN, RNN, probabilistic programming, stanford parsers and other NLP parsers 


     1. Experience on One or more of the tools, frameworks like Microsoft Azure ML, Chat Bot Framework/LUIS . IBM Watson / ConversationService, Google TensorFlow / Python for Machine Learning (e.g. scikit-learn),Open source ML libraries and tools like Apache Spark· 
     2. Sound understanding in the areas of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Recognition.
     3. Strong background in Data Science, Big Data,datastructures, statistics , algorithms like Regression, Classification etc.· 
     4. Working knowlegde of Supervised / Unsuperivsed learning (Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, SVMs,GBM, etc) 
     5. Deep-learning (Neural Networks) skills in Java/ .Net /C/C++, Python, R, JavaScript, REST, SOAP